Intravenous Injection Aid

This invention is a medical device which can assist in some peripheral intravenous injection situation (i.e. for blood sampling or injection of drugs), or as a training aid for helping medical workers to appreciate the peripheral venepuncture process.  The origin of this invention goes back to my own personal experience of  ‘needlephobia’, which led me to come up with the principle of enabling greater confidence and/or more precise application in the venepuncture procedure. For an intimate story behind the creation of this invention, please check out my book “Blood, Dragons and Lions”.

This invention (simply called ‘Intravenous injection aid or IV-injection aid) is currently in the proof-of-principle stage only. How it works can be seen in the following demonstrations.


For more details, a copy of the granted patent can be downloaded here:

Also, a peer reviewed paper related to this invention was recently accepted for publication in the “Open Engineering” scientific journal. A full copy of it will be available online by Q2 2016. The paper is titled “Modelling Framework and Assistive Device for Peripheral Intravenous Injections” by Kin F. Kam, Martin P. Robinson, Mathew A. Gilbert, and Adar Pelah. Open Eng. 2016; 6:1-10

If you have problem finding the paper online, contact me and I will email you a copy. Researchers interested in this important subject area  are welcome to contact me to discuss further.