Blood, Dragons & Lions


“Blood, Dragons and Lions” is my first book and hopefully one of many to come. It is not a fantasy novel, as the initial impression of the title might give. It is in fact an autobiography! Who the heck am I to think my story deserved to be read? I leave it to you to judge. Here is the book’s blurb.

In the late 70’s life was tough for anyone growing up on a gritty council estate in the North of England. For ten-year-old Kin Kam, life was that much tougher.

From a shy Chinese boy in colonial Hong Kong to life as a scientist, inventor and entrepreneur, ‘Blood, Dragons and Lions’ is the extraordinary story of the author’s battle to overcome life’s challenges in spite of living with a serious disabling condition.

Through protracted ill health, coupled with periods of religious and scientific introspection, Kin uncovers a new understanding about spirituality which radically frees his body and mind to realise greater inner peace and creative endeavours.

Revealing vivid insights into faith, identity and geopolitics across the cultures of East and West, Kin takes us on a thought-provoking journey through contemporary history and a personal growth odyssey from disadvantaged child facing-up to bullying and prejudice, to bold risk-taking entrepreneur twice appearing on BBC’s Dragons’ Den.

Uncompromisingly hard-hitting, yet warm and uplifting, Blood, Dragons and Lions entertains and enlightens in equal measure.

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BLOOD, DRAGONS and LIONS is an inspirational and insightful autobiography of struggles with health, faith, identity, and latterly of transformation from a research scientist to being an inventor entrepreneur. The story is intertwined with a strong historical and topical narrative covering an unusually broad range of contemporary issues that include: living with a serious chronic medical condition; the immigrant journey; geopolitics and the rise of China; race, identity and multiculturalism; mindfulness and spirituality; and the fascination of science & innovation that led to a fascinating entrepreneurial start-up journey.


General readers interested in any of the above topics, particularly the following:

1) Story about overcoming adversity of disability and ill health

2) Questions about identity e.g. what is Britishness? How does it feel to have a dual identity?

3) Questions about belief and faith such as ‘Does God Exists?’

4) the intricacy of innovation and start-up challenges including details of appearances on a famous business reality TV programme

5) Geopolitics of a rising China. Other target audience are of course readers of biographies/autobiographies and the niche medical community of patients and healers.

Title: Blood, Dragons and Lions
Sub title: How Alienation and Science Led Me To Spiritual Enlightenment and Innovation
Author: Kin F. Kam
Publisher: Inclusive Innovations Ltd
Paperback: 978-0-993336409
386 pages – Price: £9.99

BGA Autobiography, general
VFJB Coping with illness & specific conditions
JF Society and Culture
HRLK Spirituality and religious experience
TBY Inventions & Inventors
KJH Entrepreneurship
1DBK UK, GB; 1FPC China
Readership: General
Release date: 30 September 2015
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